Mega888 Ocean Blue Review

A Review of Mega888’s Great Blue Slot Game

Much like the world of slot games, the realm of the underwater often instils fascination and awe. And taking players down to the deep, dark depths of the vast open ocean is Great Blue — an online slot game developed by Playtech and available to play on Mega888.

First released in 2013, Great Blue is a nautical-themed slot game featuring a modern five-reel, three-row setup with 25 paylines in total. What makes this slot game particularly good for new players and beginners is that it comes with an RTP of over 96% — making this slot game one of the more rewarding titles available to play on Mega888.

Though, as far as its gameplay goes, you can expect the usual as Playtech doesn’t stray too far from the formulaic style that has brought the company much success in the first place.

Here’s our review of this fan-favourite exclusive Mega888 slot game.

Mega888’s Great Blue Slot Game Review

Let’s start our review of this slot game with the graphics. As the game was released almost a decade ago, it does seem that the graphics have not aged particularly well. Further, the reels are fully decorated with an entire cast of charming sea creatures including the titular orca, sharks, starfish, and more. However, the graphics are still serviceable if you’re only planning to play for the gameplay experience.

Speaking of which, you win in Great Blue by trying to match five symbols on the reels. This is only if you’re trying to shoot for the highest payout in the game though the odds of this happening are minuscule. We’d suggest that you shoot for the bonus rounds instead as you’ll get more opportunities to score extra winnings. Specifically, the bonus game could award you up to 33 free spins in addition to an X15 multiplier!

If you’re interested in giving Great Blue a go, you’ll need to sign up for an account first. And if you sign up today, you’ll be entitled to claim a generous MYR 2,000 Welcome Bonus to get you started on playing Great Blue.

Dive Into Mega888’s Slot Game Great Blue

As expected, Great Blue takes inspiration from the core theme as the iconic scenery of the deep blue ocean is used as its backdrop. The small bubbles floating upwards from time to time also add much-needed depth to an otherwise simple slot game.

You’ll also find various sea creatures like sea turtles, sharks, fishes, seahorses, whales, and even oysters representing the symbols in the game. Other non-sea creatures also include classic playing card numbers ranging from 10 to Ace.

Of the lot, the whale and oyster symbols offer the biggest opportunity for winnings in Great Blue.

Specifically, the killer whale or orca is the Wild symbol in Great Blue, whereas the oysters represent the Scatter symbol in the game. If you’ve played slot games before, you’d know that the Wild symbols are a valuable resource in any game as they function similar to the joker suite in any card game. You may use this symbol to substitute any symbols (other than Scatters) to help to form a winning combination. Plus, Wild symbols can be stacked further for even easier wins!

But the best thing about this symbol is that they offer double the payout when you land at least one on the reels.

Go Oyster Hunting in Great Blue on Mega888

As for the Scatters, the oyster symbols are somewhat of a regular occurrence in Great Blue. And when you land on three or more of these symbols, you’ll activate the bonus game!

This bonus game could potentially award you with up to eight free spins with an X2 multiplier if you’re fortunate enough. To win in the bonus round, you’ll be brought to a bonus game page where you have to pick two oysters from five choices. Depending on your luck, you could be rewarded with further free spins (up to 33 free spins) and/or multipliers (X15 multiplier).

The best thing about this bonus game is that you can trigger even more free spins as long as you’re lucky. And there is no limit to the number of re-spins that you could potentially earn.

Our Verdict of Mega888’s Great Blue Slot Game

All in all, Great Blue is a simplistic slot game that doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel — nor should it. If you are someone who enjoys entertaining gameplay, rewarding (free spin) bonuses, and a simple design to encapsulate your slot game, then Great Blue is indeed the perfect title for you.

But if Great Blue doesn’t pique your interest then you may check out Mega888’s other popular slot games like Jin Qian Wa or Panther Moon

If you’re interested in trying out Great Blue or Mega888’s other fun slot games, you’ll need to download the Mega888 APK first. Then, register for a Mega888 ID and start playing!

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